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The USDA is delaying—and possibly eliminating—a critical new rule that requires organic meat and egg producers to abide by higher animal welfare standards. You can take action!

When this rule was first introduced last year, thousands of consumers urged the USDA to make the organic label more meaningful for animal welfare. But now that victory is in serious jeopardy: even though these important reforms were announced in January, the USDA is now declining to put the rule into effect.

They’re hoping we won’t fight back a second time. Now’s the time to prove them wrong.

Consumers like you seek out the USDA Organic label—and often pay more for it—because you want to support a kinder, more compassionate food system. But until this new rule was introduced, the organic label did very little to improve the lives of the animals involved, and it allowed companies to perpetuate factory farming, take advantage of consumers, and hurt higher welfare organic farmers.

There is a disconnect between what consumers expect from the organic standards, and what the organic label actually means for animals. This is unacceptable. It’s time to align the organic standard with consumer expectations.

We have until June 9th (less than one month) to raise our voices for animals. Will you fight for them? Use our form to tell USDA Secretary Sonny Perdue to immediately implement the organic animal welfare rule!