Tell Moe's: Chickens Deserve Better

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Use our form to send this letter to Moe's Southwest Grill President Bruce Schroder, and Focus Brands President Kat Cole:

Is factory farming “honestly awesome?" The folks at Moe’s Southwest Grill say so. In fact, they tout their chicken—which comes from factory farms—as “all natural.”

Luckily, The Mighty Moms are on the case in our new Wonder Woman parody video.

Moe’s is deceiving their customers and promoting a bad system—but our intrepid heroes are on the front lines fighting for justice, demanding to know where their food comes from, and telling Moe’s to step up for chickens and consumers alike.

Imagine being trapped in a body that forced you to grow so unnaturally large, you could barely support your own weight. You may develop painful leg deformities and severe respiratory problems. And then imagine you’re packed into a crowded, dimly-lit shed with nothing to do, and no natural light.

Sadly, that’s the reality for millions of chickens in the Moe’s Southwest Grill supply chain. And the result is more animal suffering, and food that’s higher in fat and lower in protein.

Chickens need heroes like The Mighty Moms—and heroes like you—to stand up and fight. Demand better from Moe’s by using our form to take action today.

There’s nothing natural (or awesome) about factory farming.

moes all natural chicken claim_1.jpg

Let them know this deception cannot stand.

We’re calling on Moe’s to switch to healthier chicken breeds who are offered more space, sunlight, and enrichment to encourage natural behaviors.

A 2016 Harris poll named Moe’s the "Fast Casual Mexican Restaurant of the Year," ahead of Chipotle Mexican Grill, thanks to popularity among fans. But consumers don’t want their burrito with a side of suffering.

Use our form to petition Moe’s to change their chicken.

Recently, Subway‒the largest fast food chain in the country‒made a commitment to improve the lives of chickens in their supply chain. And so have other major restaurants like Chipotle, Panera, TGI Fridays, Qdoba, Jack in the Box, and Burger King.

Please tell Moe’s: there’s nothing natural about factory farming. Chickens deserve better!