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The writing is on the wall—we must transition to diverse, plant-centered, and nature-friendly food production if we are to save animals from suffering, protect human health, and save the planet from climate and environmental breakdown. And yet, Congress continues to give out billions of dollars to the factory farming industry, leaving only a sliver of federal funds for fruit, vegetable, nut, and bean production and for pasture-based animal systems.

Recent CIWF research revealed that we must reduce meat, egg, and dairy consumption by 82%, 70%, and 60%, respectively, and substantially increase consumption of sustainably grown produce, nuts, seeds, and legumes to align our nation with a diet that is safe for animals, people, and the planet. But we cannot get there if Congress continues to provide exorbitant funding to the factory farming industry.

What's worse, a highly contagious, highly deadly outbreak of avian influenza has sickened and killed tens of millions of animals over the last two years with no end in sight. The government has given millions of dollars in bailouts to factory farms after culling infected flocks while the companies fail to address the root causes of the problem and continue to keep animals in unsanitary and horrific conditions.

Right now, Congress is negotiating the next Farm Bill, a huge piece of legislation that dictates agricultural spending for the next five years. What Congress decides to invest in now will determine the path of our nation's food system for years to come.

Tell your members of Congress to invest in diverse, plant-centered, and higher welfare food production now.

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