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Tell McDonald's: Do Better For Chickens

McDonald's has a chicken problem.

The chicken on the McDonald’s menu comes from factory farms, where the birds are bred to grow so big, so fast, they can’t even support their own weight. Their unnaturally large chests can cause the birds to suffer from chronic pain, leg deformities, and heart attacks.

The good news: McDonald’s has the power to reduce the suffering of these chickens.

The bad news: Despite the fact that other big names like Subway, Burger King, and Sonic have already committed to treat chickens better, McDonald’s is lagging behind.

That’s why McDonald’s customer ShaRhonda Dawson is taking a stand. As a mother of two, ShaRhonda was shocked and upset to learn about what’s happening on factory farms…and that her kids’ favorite restaurant isn’t doing enough to fix the problem.

She isn’t asking for much—just that McDonald’s join the nearly 90 other major food companies doing better for chickens. She started a petition to show McDonald’s that there are lots of people like her who care about this issue and want better for their families—and for animals.

Take a moment to sign ShaRhonda's petition and tell McDonald's that it’s time to do better for chickens!

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Nearly 90 major food companies have committed to better treatment of chickens. Why hasn't McDonald's?

McDonald’s has long been a leader in food. When they committed to switching to 100% cage-free eggs, hundreds of restaurants and other food companies followed suit. But when it comes to chicken raised for their menu items, McDonald’s is lagging behind.

The modern day chicken is what we call a Frankenbird. Chickens raised for meat are bred to grow so big, so fast that they often can’t even support their own weight. Their unnaturally large chests can cause the birds to suffer from chronic pain, leg deformities, and heart attacks.

Some of the country's largest animal protection groups have joined forces to ask McDonald's to address serious concerns about how chickens in their supply chain are treated. Compassion in World Farming, Animal Equality, Compassion Over Killing, The Humane League, Mercy For Animals, and World Animal Protection have united to ask McDonald's to established specific and meaningful reforms for chickens.

Together we published an open letter to McDonald’s in the New York Times on Sunday, March 25, 2018 asking McDonald's to do better for chickens.

For more info on this unprecedented joint effort for chickens, visit





For food companies: read about our continued commitment to collaborative work here.

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