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Eat plants. For a change.

Eat plants. For a change.

Since the rise of factory farming, Compassion in World Farming has focused on reforming our food system from within. We tackle the problem at its source, working closely with food companies, farmers, and other stakeholders to make real, measurable improvements in farmed animals’ lives.

Corporate animal welfare commitments—cage-free eggs, crate-free pork, breeds of chicken with healthier genetics, and more—are undoubtedly changing the lives of billions of animals for the better. And we’ve created progress tools like EggTrack to make sure food companies can and will stick to their commitments.

Still, more animals are raised on factory farms every year. The number of people on our planet is expected to hit 10 billion by 2050, and the rapidly rising human population means demand for food—and protein—will rise with it. If our food system continues on its current path, it will mean skyrocketing greenhouse gas emissions, catastrophic wildlife destruction, and perpetual animal suffering.

We need to do more. And it starts with less.

Less meat, eggs, and dairy on your plate means more progress for animals, people, and the planet—and more room for delicious plant-based foods!

You can change the world, just by eating plants for a change.

Take action now by signing up for regular food resources! Your support will demonstrate consumer demand for fewer animal products, and more plant-centered options, on shelves and menus.

Friendly Food Alliance:


We believe meaningful change is driven not only by passionate individuals, but by institutions with the power to influence global supply chains.

The Friendly Food Alliance is a project by Compassion in World Farming that aims to bring together food businesses and producers to build a more sustainable and healthy food and farming system.

The goal is to achieve “25x25” - a 25% reduction in the number of animals purchased and produced by food companies by 2025.

Why? It's simple:

  • Animal welfare matters.
  • Factory farming is a risky business.
  • Cheap animal protein is environmentally unsustainable.
  • Consumers are increasingly interested in a more plant-based diet.

Up to 10 food companies are invited to join the Friendly Food Alliance for its pilot year, during which we will help them workshop innovative solutions to effectively and sustainably cut back on animals in their supply chain.

Special thanks to Free The Birds


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