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The King Amendment threatens animal protection laws.


Please use the form below to send this message to your representatives.

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UPDATE: We thought it was dead…but the dangerous 2018 King Amendment is back, and it puts all of our progress for farmed animals in peril. But we can still stop it: Please contact your representatives in the House and Senate today, before the legislative session ends on September 30!

In the stroke of a pen, our hard fought legislative protections for farmed animals could be erased.

Massachusetts voters passed a ballot measure in 2016 to ban the sale of products from animals confined in cruel cages and crates. The industry fought hard every step of the way, but in the end, the animals prevailed. Californians have the opportunity to make a similar law this fall. Don't let the dangerous King Amendment block progress like this for farmed animals!

Rep. Steve King (R-IA) has revived disastrous legislation designed to gut anti-cruelty and anti-factory farming laws nationwide. His bill would completely override state and local-level laws like the MA measure, allowing the state to sell the very factory farm-produced products that its constituents voted to ban. California’s ban on foie gras—which is made by cruelly force-feeding ducks and geese until their livers become enlarged—would be invalidated. Other state and community efforts to do the right thing for animals will be stopped dead in their tracks before they even get started.

The progress that supporters like you worked so hard to achieve will be gone in the blink of an eye.

Stop the King Amendment from defying the will of the people by striking down critical protections for animals and consumers. The animals need you to raise your voice one more time, and tell your legislators that they must oppose HR 4879.

Use our form to contact your representatives today and speak up for farmed animals!

After you’ve sent your message, be sure to follow up by calling your elected officials in both the House and Senate. You can say something like: “As your constituent, I’m calling to urge you to oppose Representative Steve King’s HR 4879, an amendment included in the 2018 Farm Bill. Congress should not defy the will of the people and override state and local laws that protect animals and consumers. Please take a stand against HR 4879. Thank you.”

Let’s ensure that all the ground we’ve gained in the fight against factory farming is not lost. Please take action today.

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