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The FDA wants to redefine labeling terms for plant-based dairy products—and consumers would pay the price.


Please use the form below to sign your name in support of this message to the FDA.

ONLY HOURS LEFT TO ACT! The Food and Drug Administration is considering a ban on words like “milk,” “cheese,” and “yogurt” when applied to plant-based dairy alternatives—a move designed to hamper the growth and expansion of plant-based products, and one that would decrease competition in the marketplace. Please sign your name to tell the FDA that consumer choice must be protected!

Almond milk. Cashew cheese. Soy yogurt.

If the FDA gets its way, these terms (and many more) could become a thing of the past. And this change could have major consequences for plant-based industries—and the many consumers who want easy access to plant-based options on supermarket shelves.

Stripping popular plant-based dairy products of their labels would do nothing but sow chaos and confusion in the marketplace. And with sales of plant-based milks growing by a whopping 61% in the last five years, the dairy industry has considerable interest in making it as difficult as possible for conscious consumers like you to track these products down in their local grocery stores.

Don’t let the FDA—and the factory farming-ruled dairy industry—redefine labeling terms for their own gain. Tell them that you oppose their effort to obstruct competition and consumer choice.

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