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The USDA is continuing a policy of rampant, dangerous overuse of antibiotics on factory farms, defying global experts and putting our health at risk.


Please use the form below to sign your name in support of this message to the USDA.

*Should you provide us your phone number, we will only use it to send you urgent action alerts and quick ways to help farmed animals via text message.

The World Health Organization released critically important guidelines to limit the rampant overuse of antibiotics in animal agriculture almost two years ago. These common-sense recommendations were the result of years of expert study and analysis, and designed to protect us against the rapidly-rising and highly dangerous threat of antibiotic resistance.

In repsonse, the USDA issued an alternative plan. The bottom line? That factory farming profits are more important than human health—and the welfare of billions of animals.

Tell the USDA that this flagrant disregard for our safety is unacceptable by signing your name now.

An astounding 80% of medically-important antibiotics are fed to animals in our food system. These animals are often packed by the thousands into extremely cramped quarters, in unsanitary conditions with inadequate ventilation. Because of these hazardous environments, factory farms are reliant on the excessive—often irresponsible—use of antibiotics to prevent widespread disease.

Instead of addressing the underlying problems on factory farms, the industry has decided to take the seemingly "cheap" way out: using even more antibiotics. And more antibiotics means that the drugs used to treat critical human diseases will become less effective, putting human lives in danger.

The USDA has spent the last two years refusing to acknowledge the rising global threat of antibiotic resistance to protect factory farms’ bottom lines, and humans and animals are paying the price. Sign your name and tell the USDA to protect public health—not corporate profits.

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