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Chickens may sometimes be the butt of the joke, but these sensitive, highly intelligent birds are more than just a punchline.

From hailing them as “bird brains” to pondering what motivates them to cross the road, we’ve been “roasting” chickens for decades. But beyond the jokes, chickens have a lot to offer—and what happens to them behind closed doors on factory farms is no laughing matter.

Stand up for chickens by signing our petition and telling food companies they deserve better!

While these birds are smart enough to count, perceptive enough to recognize faces, and sensitive enough to communicate with their chicks while they’re still inside their eggs, they’re also by far the most farmed animal in America—more than 9 billion are raised for food every year.

Unfortunately, most of them are trapped on factory farms—crammed into filthy, dimly-lit sheds by the thousands with no sunlight and little space to move. And what’s worse, decades of genetic manipulation have warped the modern chicken into a monster who grows so big, so fast, he can barely support his own weight. These birds are prisoners of their own bodies who often struggle to walk and are vulnerable to heart attacks, respiratory problems, and painful leg injuries.

It’s not a comedy—it’s a tragedy. And it’s time for change.

We’re asking food companies to make meaningful changes for chickens, including 1) more room to roam, 2) critical enrichments that let birds express their natural behaviors, 3) third party farm animal welfare audits, and most importantly, 4) healthier genetics that do not inherently cause suffering.

Pick up the mic and stand up for chickens now—sign now to let companies know that you’re not amused by cruel factory farming.


Special thanks to Tom Cohen and Grassroots Comedy DC.


Sign your name below to tell food companies that chickens—the most farmed animal in America—deserve better!

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