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Tell the USDA that recklessly hiking the speed of pig slaughter lines is dangerous for animals and people alike.


Please use this form to send this message to FSIS Administrator Carmen Rottenberg.

*The majority of legislators and government agencies require a full address and phone number to receive messages, and we want to ensure your message is not rejected. We will only use your phone number to reach out with urgent action alerts to help farmed animals.

The USDA wants to loosen the reins on factory farming. The ultra-fast, ultra-frenzied speed at which animals are slaughtered is already considered extremely hazardous—creating a pressure cooker atmosphere that can lead to even more animal suffering, more worker injuries, and more risk for consumers.

The USDA’s solution: To make it even faster.

The agency’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) wants to strike down vital regulations on pig slaughter speeds. Faster slaughter lines mean more room for error, and are directly linked to rougher handling of pigs, increased use of painful electric prodding—and even worse, more pigs scalded in hot water while still fully conscious.

Use our form to contact the USDA and tell them this dangerous disregard for animal welfare and worker safety is unacceptable!

What’s more, the new proposed FSIS rules would force slaughter plant workers to operate in increasingly dangerous environments—as it is, worker injury rates in slaughterhouses are already an astounding 7.5 times higher than other industries—and task them with sorting diseased pigs instead of the highly-trained inspectors who do it now. That could mean more dangerous outbreaks of foodborne disease...and more families at risk.

The USDA wants the pork industry to police itself, at the expense of animals, workers, and the families who trust the government to keep their food safe. Contact the USDA and let them know that the last thing we need is faster factory farming.

Food Safety and Inspection Service, USDA
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