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Ruby Tuesday left us on "read."


Please use this form to send this message to Ruby Tuesday.

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Last year, the popular restaurant chain acknowledged the demands of their customers and publicly shared their progress towards their 100% cage-free egg commitment, which we then included our annual EggTrack report. We happily commended them for their transparency and for all they had achieved in their transition to a cage-free supply chain—including reaching the 100% cage-free mark for shell eggs—even though they did not report across all egg categories. 

We were looking forward to seeing more exciting progress from Ruby Tuesday this year, which is why we were so confused when, not only did they ignore our continued requests to update their reporting, but they also completely removed their cage-free commitment from their website.

Yup. Ruby Tuesday ghosted us. And that means they ghosted their customers, too.

Our message to Ruby Tuesday is simple: What gives? And more critically: Does the progress for egg-laying hens you reported last year still stand?

Committing to cage-free eggs is an important first step, but it’s only half the battle. Consumers deserve access to all the information they need to make informed choices—and to know that they’re giving their hard-earned dollars to a company that’s walking the walk for hens and won’t go silent under scrutiny.

Don’t let Ruby Tuesday go back on their cage-free goals—use our form to ask that they renew their commitment to transparency. Because hens deserve lives outside of cages…and you deserve a company that will text you back about their animal welfare progress.

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