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Ruby Tuesday committed to go cage-free. Then, they turned their backs on their customers.


Please use this form to personalize this message to Ruby Tuesday and their parent company, NRD Capital. You will be able to edit the message text on the next page before sending.

Ruby Tuesday has betrayed your trust.

Consumers have spoken loud and clear: Cages are cruel, and hens deserve better. At first, Ruby Tuesday seemed willing to listen, becoming one of many food companies to announce their transition to 100% cage-free eggs back in 2016. They even reported some progress toward their goal.

Then, without warning…they fell silent. And worse, they completely removed their cage-free commitment from their website.

Use our form to send an email blast to the leadership of Ruby Tuesday and their parent company, NRD Capital, and tell them they can’t break their promises to animals and consumers.

At a time when we’re learning new ways that cages are even more horrifying than we thought and consumers care more about how animals are treated than ever before, Ruby Tuesday has chosen cruel factory farming over doing what’s right. They’ve chosen a system that crams hens into tiny battery cages where they can’t even stand up, turn around, or flap their wings. They’ve chosen profits over principles.

And unlike their direct competitors like TGI Fridays—a company that has reported significant progress towards its 100% cage-free commitment—Ruby Tuesday has chosen to break their own promises to their customers. If their competitors can follow through, Ruby Tuesday can, too.

We’ve kept things low-key until now, asking you to politely contact individual members of the company’s leadership team and voice your concerns. In return, they stuck their fingers in their ears and ignored us completely. So now, it’s time to turn up the heat.

Use our quick and easy form to send an email blast to key members of Ruby Tuesday’s leadership, as well as their parent company, NRD Capital. It’s time that Ruby Tuesday starts taking their commitments seriously—not just to their customers, but to each and every hen suffering on a factory farm.

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