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SIGN YOUR NAME: What's on our plates must protect the planet

The US Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee is finishing their 2020 nutrition recommendations—demand they consider the environmental impact of food choice to slow the climate crisis!


Use this form to sign on in support of our letter to the US Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee.

As you read this, the US Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee—a group of food scientists and nutritionists appointed by the federal government—is putting the final touches on their report to the US Departments of Agriculture and Health and Human Services outlining exactly what the 2020 US Dietary Guidelines should recommend to keep Americans healthy. And our future may literally depend on it.

We must take swift action to ensure these guidelines encourage more sustainable diets that are lower in factory farmed meat, milk, and eggs and higher in plant-based foods.

There is global recognition that overconsumption of animal products is devastating the planet by driving rampant greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation, and water pollution. If our appetite for animal protein doesn’t change soon, agriculture alone will catapult us past the two degrees of warming associated with catastrophic, irreversible consequences, like more severe weather, infectious disease, and global food insecurity.

Thankfully, there’s a simple solution: eating more plants. Doctors and nutritionists across the country increasingly promote diets made up of primarily whole, plant-based foods, noting their ability to support growth and development while preventing, and sometimes reversing, some of the most notorious chronic illnesses debilitating American families. That’s where the Dietary Guidelines come in.

The Dietary Guidelines don’t just educate everyday consumers on what they should eat, they shape critical food policy across the country—like the USDA’s National School Lunch Program—meaning they directly impact what millions of Americans do eat.

We’re living in an unprecedented time of climate emergency, and make no mistake: we are failing our children with every day we don’t act. We can’t afford to lose this major opportunity for progress!

Sign in support of our public comment and demand the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee do their part to protect future generations by encouraging more sustainable, plant-based foods.

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