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Leading experts agree: Industrial animal agriculture could trigger the next pandemic.

Intensive animal operations are breeding grounds for bacteria, viruses, and diseases that threaten human health. Animals that are caged, crowded, and living in their own feces have compromised immune systems that require routine antibiotics just to stay alive. That combination poses a major problem.

These inhumane factory farming practices increase the risk that deadly, antibiotic-resistant disease will spread in farmed animals, mutate, and then jump into humans.

We’re demanding global leaders like the United Nations Environmental Programme, Food and Agriculture Organization, and World Health Organization take bold action to end factory farming and protect our future—will you join us?​

Sign the Global Petition

Join the call for a future without factory farming. Click here to read the petition, and then complete the form below to add your voice.

Why is factory farming a pandemic risk?

Our new report ‘Is the Next Pandemic on your Plate?’ details how the next pandemic could originate from a factory farm, as animals crammed together create the perfect breeding ground for disease.

  • According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), three in four new or emerging infectious diseases in people come from animals. Examples include bacteria such as Escherichia Coli (E. coli), Campylobacter and Salmonella, and viruses including avian and swine influenza.
  • Globally, up to 70% of antibiotics are administered to farmed animals—a perfect storm for triggering the spread of drug-resistant bacteria.
  • Industrial livestock production is a major cause of air pollution which latest reports say can result in serious respiratory disease which makes people less able to survive COVID-19.

To protect our health, and the health of our planet, farmed animals must be returned to the land, allowed to roam freely on pasture and forage in smaller numbers. This will in turn lead to healthier farmed animals less afflicted with infectious disease that can jump to humans. Doing so would eliminate the need of routine antibiotics, meaning these life-saving drugs would maintain their effectiveness in human medicine.

It’s no secret that, just as factory farming is a pandemic risk, it’s the leading cause of animal suffering and a leading cause of the climate crisis. Our over-reliance on “cheap,” factory-farmed animal products also decimates critical wildlife habitat, ravages vulnerable communities with air and water pollution and drives mass deforestation.

We need to fundamentally reconsider how we interact with animals. To save the planet—and save us all—we must end factory farming. Demand the end of factory farming by signing onto our global petition today!​

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