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On November 2nd, the United States and United Arab Emirates announced a joint initiative at the Conference of Parties (COP26) in Glasgow called the “Agriculture Innovation Mission for Climate” (“AIM for Climate” or “AIM4C”). The initiative touts that it will invest $4 billion into government and private research for new agricultural technology and innovation to solve the climate crisis, but it completely ignores the fact that we already have the solutions for a better, climate-friendly food system. AIM for Climate will spend billions of dollars on needless research and expensive technologies, providing more corporate handouts and wasting precious time on multi-year research projects to prop up a failing factory farming system and delay real climate action.

This is not the time to maintain the status quo and continue business as usual—we need our government to move full speed ahead on humane, regenerative, common-sense solutions that can be implemented today and that meet the needs of animals, farmers, and communities.

Compassion in World Farming USA is writing to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) calling for AIM for Climate to be expanded to fund and implement more equitable solutions. The letter has been signed by 20 organizations ranging from environmental and animal protection groups to academic institutions. Will you take a second to add your name to the call to #AIMforMore?

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Please sign our letter to the USDA calling for AIM for Climate to expand its commitments.

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