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In May 2020, the Trump Administration signed an executive order that would allow fish to be factory farmed in the U.S. Exclusive Economic Zone, a stretch of ocean located three to 200 miles off our coastlines. And more recently, the AQUAA Act, a bill that would also allow this harmful practice and that Congress has rejected multiple times, was reintroduced into the Senate. These are the latest attempts by the industry to open our oceans to their profiteering under the guise of “sustainable seafood”—but the American public hasn’t and won’t fall for their deceitful greenwashing.

These underwater factory farms would be a nightmare for the fish trapped within them, for coastal communities, and for ocean ecosystems. Here’s why:

  • Raising fish in ocean cages produces huge amounts of untreated waste that pollutes the surrounding water and fuels toxic algal blooms, which devastate local wildlife and other ocean industries.
  • The ocean nets and cages used to confine farmed fish can entangle, harm, or even kill wildlife, such as endangered sea turtles and dolphins. And when these cages break or invasive fish manage to escape, they can compete and interbreed with local populations, disrupting or potentially destroying the natural ecosystem.
  • The enormous amount of fish meal needed to feed fish in underwater factory farms risks depleting fish stocks crucial to ecosystems and food security around the globe.
  • Factory-farmed fish are packed in cages so tightly, they experience high stress and lowered immunity that aids the spread of infection, disease, and parasites that can impact native fish populations. Factory farms try to contain these problems with harsh chemicals and excess antibiotics, which in turn leak into the ecosystem, harm wildlife, and contribute to antibiotic resistance.

So far, we’ve managed to keep the chaos and cruelty of fish factory farms out of our oceans—we can’t let the industry get a foothold now. To prevent the development of underwater factory farms in federal waters, we need Congress to once again reject the AQUAA Act and instead pass the Keep Finfish Free Act—a bill that would prohibit factory farms in our oceans!

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